Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to provide my own t-shirts?

No! We have partnered with an amazing company to provide an array of unisex and male/female style tees in multiple colors and fabric blends. We will partner with you to select the best style necessary for your project and preference.

What website can I visit to buy my apparel?

Client will then decide the type of apparel and color. (The site for them to look on is Pricing is based on each color per screen.

Do you carry plus size tees?

Yes, we carry up to a size 5x. However, due to the cost of the garments and the requirement for a larger screen to adequately print on larger size, any size over an XL requires additional cost.

Do you create custom children’s tee shirts?

Yes. We love creating custom tees for children. Children’s tee orders require a minimum order of 10.

Yes. We love creating custom tees for children. Children’s tee orders require a minimum order of 10.

What kind of file do I need to upload my custom print design?

We prefer all files be Vector Illustrator files. While we do accept JPEG and PNG, these file types will incur a $25-$75 conversion fee depending on the complexity of the design and how many colorways your custom print order requires. For Bling Tee designs, JPEG and PNG files will suffice.


How many colors can I have on my custom print order?

We provide several different service offerings. For bling tees you have limitless colors options.  However, for custom print orders, each color in your design will require an individual screen. Custom screens are $35 each. Custom print tee designs can accommodate up to 4 color designs.


How long will it take to receive my order once my order is placed?

All orders require a 7-day notice for initial processing. From the day that your order is processed, and all components finalized (design, conversion if necessary and product selection received); customers can expect to receive their orders within 3-5 BUSINESS days. During high volume times, we may experience delays and take every measure to thoroughly communicate the delay when you are placing your order or during the design process.


Do you offer bulk discounts?

For bling tees any quantity over 10 is considered bulk and we do offer a discount. For custom print tees, we offer Quick Print packages for basic design orders up to 100 tee shirts. For quantities higher, we do offer bulk discounts. The discount is determined based on the complexity of the order.


I noticed you are in my area, may I come pick up my order upon completion?

We currently do not have pickup services. However, we do offer delivery services within a 30-40-minute travel window for an additional $15 fee.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship internationally and domestically. Shipping, export and international fees are additional and the responsibility of the client.


I have my screen from a previous project that I’d like to reuse. Is that possible?

Unfortunately, we do not use other screens that we haven’t custom created for the technology and machinery we use in our studio. To ensure we can render expedient services, and the quality we stand by, we must create your screens on our premises.



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