Char Robinson

 A Design By Diva Custom Apparel

Powerhouse 2019 was an amazing event. Below is a brief summary of my experience as a designer.

Powerhouse 2019

I was given the opportunity in the fall of 2019 to debut my custom bling tees in the powerhouse+ fashion show in Baltimore, MD.  The models showed up and showed out in representing A Design by Diva Custom Apparel.


Its exhilarating to see an individual walk down the runway with something that you have created in hopes that those in the audience will feel the heart and soul that you poured into your design. Bling tees have a way of standing out on their own just because of the shine and pizazz that is radiated when the lights hit them.  Whether using them to promote or advertise your business or to make a statement, bling tees stand alone.


We are gearing up and preparing for more shows in 2020 and look forward to blessing you  with new styles



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